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5 Fresh Web3 Jobs Posted Today

Gm, degens. Today, we have 5 freshly listed web3 jobs just for you! Whethere you are a marketer, a business developer, or a technical developer, we have something for everyone today.

Buckle up, cause we have some FIRE coming your way!

Let's go!

1. Consensys is hiring a Ecosystem Engagement Manager

The Ecosystem Engagement Manager (EEM) role at ConsenSys focuses on strengthening the relationship between MetaMask, a key product for interacting with decentralized applications (dapps), and its significant Dapp partners. This role involves expanding engagement with Dapps to understand their needs and roadmaps, driving user referral volumes, and ensuring MetaMask remains a preferred wallet partner.

Responsibilities include developing success plans for each Dapp, mediating between Dapps and ConsenSys, and handling Dapp requests and complaints. Ideal candidates should have a deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem, experience in account management or community management, and the ability to work autonomously and collaboratively in a fast-paced, remote-friendly environment.

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2. Unlimit is seeking a Product Manager

Unlimit, a global fintech company founded in 2009, offers an extensive portfolio of financial services, including payment processing, Banking as a Service (BaaS), and fiat on-ramp solutions for the crypto, DeFi, and GameFi sectors.

Unlimit is on the lookout for an experienced Senior Product Manager with a background in fiat banking and a proven track record in launching similar products. The role involves executing product vision aligned with the company's goals, managing the product backlog, facilitating stakeholder communication, gathering detailed product requirements, and leading product validation with UX/UI teams.

The ideal candidate should have a higher education degree, preferably in IT, with at least 3 years of product management experience in the fintech or banking sector, strong analytical skills, proficiency in English, and excellent presentation skills. Unlimit offers an attractive salary, flexible working hours, a modern workplace, and a multicultural environment.

3. Connext is looking for a Business Development Associate

Connext is a leading protocol for cross-domain interactions, primarily focusing on Layer 2 to Layer 2 communications within the blockchain ecosystem.

Connext is currently on the lookout for a motivated individual to join its ecosystem team, particularly targeting those early in their careers who are keen to learn and grow within the rapidly evolving web3 space. This role offers a fantastic opportunity to work alongside an experienced business development team and contribute to one of the most rapidly growing projects in web3.

The position involves conducting research to identify new leads, engaging in outreach activities, collaborating across functions to meet business objectives, and maintaining the company CRM. Ideal candidates should have prior exposure to business development activities, be fully proficient in English, have a strong passion for web3 and blockchain technologies, and possess a dynamic and proactive attitude.

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4. Cere Network is hiring a Blockchain Developer

Cere is on the lookout for exceptional talent who thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments and embrace a methodical, simulation-driven development approach.

The role in focus requires designing and implementing decentralized applications (dApps) using Substrate and Rust, developing secure smart contracts and pallets, and optimizing blockchain applications for performance and scalability.

Collaboration with the team to address blockchain challenges and staying abreast of technological advancements are key responsibilities. Applicants should have a Bachelor's or Master's in a related field, over 7 years of software engineering experience, proficiency in Rust, experience with the Substrate framework, and knowledge of blockchain architecture. Familiarity with JS/TypeScript is essential, and experience with Golang and Linux scripting is advantageous.

This opportunity is ideal for candidates with a strong technical background, looking to contribute to a leading-edge technology environment.

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5. Sky Mavis is looking for a Technical Support Specialist

Sky Mavis is currently seeking a self-motivated Technical Support Specialist for Axie Infinity and the Ronin blockchain. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic about blockchain and gaming, eager to contribute to a movement propelled by cutting-edge technology. This role involves providing technical support, managing community platforms like Discord, and possessing excellent communication skills to explain complex concepts to users. Responsibilities include offering primary assistance through Zendesk, supporting users on Discord, troubleshooting Axie and Ronin-related issues, and maintaining proactive communication with the user community.

Applicants should have a foundational understanding of blockchain technology, technical support experience, and strong English communication skills. Additional skills like proficiency in Excel, coding, and media editing are advantageous. The role offers a remote work environment, flexible working hours, and the chance to be part of an exciting blockchain project in a dynamic, game-focused setting.

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