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Alchemy Hires Ex-Stripe Exec Guillaume Poncin

Alchemy, a well-known blockchain development company, has recently added Guillaume Poncin to its team as the Head of Engineering. Poncin previously held the position of Head of Web3 at Stripe, a leading provider of payment processing and commerce solutions.

During his time at Stripe, Poncin played a role in engineering efforts for banking and financial products for three years then later shifted his focus to building the team and ended up playing a crucial part in launching a fiat to crypto onramp and a cross border product that utilized stablecoins. AKA - Poncin helped take Stripe into web3.

Prior to joining Stripe, Poncin had 12 years of experience at Google, where he led initiatives for Google Books and Google Cloud. Sounds like a catch!

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As Alchemys Head of Engineering, Poncin will be responsible for overseeing engineering and technical management for both upcoming products. His primary focus will involve scaling their services and driving innovation.

Expressing his excitement about blockchain's potential to revolutionize value exchange on an internet scale, Poncin shared his enthusiasm with Decrypt: "I'm thrilled about the promise that blockchains hold as they become the foundation, for value exchange - fast inexpensive programmable." Specifically, there are applications known as "inside" that aim to simplify the user experience by hiding the complexities and leveraging blockchain technology behind the scenes.

Like many of us in web3, Poncin envisions uses for this technology beyond our small industry. For instance, it could facilitate stablecoin payments for creators and freelancers worldwide or even revolutionizing ticketing systems by representing ownership on the blockchain (similar to what Ticketmaster has hired individuals to do). In the interview with Decrypt, Poncin also highlighted the importance of cutting edge advancements such as account abstraction and the emergence of layer 2 chains like Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon.

Recognizing the existing challenges in the Web3 landscape, Poncin acknowledges that we are still in the stages of web3 development. Currently many things are difficult to execute and various issues arise both for developers and users across parts of the technology stack (IYKYK). Despite these challenges, Poncin remains optimistic about growth and progress in the Web3 sector as developers actively build at a pace.

Alchemy, established in 2017 specializes in creating applications on platforms such, as Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Often referred to as the "AWS of the web3 world", the San Francisco based company recently raised a $250 million, in Series C funding in October 2021. This impressive valuation was further boosted by a $200 million fundraise in February 2022 bringing their total worth to a $10 billion.

Interested in working for Alchemy? Here's their job board where they have roles posted pretty frequently.


As mentioned on their careers page, Alchemy's culture Includes being an owner, playing for the team, making fun a priority, obsession over customers, and moving fast. Sounds like a good time!

Metaintro is a grant recipient of Alchemy.

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