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3 Amsterdam-Based Startups Hiring Now

TL;DR intro

  • Significant funding for Amsterdam startups in June 2024.A boost in the local startup ecosystem with increased financial support.
  • Avalor AI, D-Drops, and Carv lead funding recipients.These startups have secured major investments, indicating strong growth potential.
  • Hiring surge among startups.New job opportunities emerge as startups expand their teams.

Amsterdam, known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, has been buzzing with activity this June 2024. Several startups from various sectors have successfully raised significant funding, enhancing the city's reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. As startups in AI, Web3 gaming, and recruitment technology receive this influx of capital, new job opportunities and advancements are on the horizon.

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Major Funding Rounds and Their Impact

In June 2024, Amsterdam-based startups raised impressive amounts across various funding rounds. This financial boost not only showcases their innovative capabilities but also indicates strong investor confidence in the region's potential.

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1. Avalor AI Raises €2 Million

Avalor AI, an Amsterdam-based company that has developed hardware-agnostic AI software, secured €2 million in funding. This investment will enable Avalor AI to expand its Nexus platform, which supports the integration and operations of unmanned systems from various OEMs and countries. The company's platform facilitates “multi-domain distributed mission autonomy,” enabling unmanned vehicles to independently plan, coordinate, and execute complex missions via a unified human-machine interface. Avalor AI is currently hiring Apply here.

2. D-Drops Secures €500,000

D-Drops, a Web3 gaming startup, raised €500,000 to advance its location-based treasure hunting game. The platform allows players to explore their cities in search of treasures containing real-world prizes such as cash, concert tickets, merchandise, and coupons. With an initial prize pool of €100,000, D-Drops aims to add adventure to people's daily lives by combining gaming with real-world rewards. D-Drops is currently hiring Apply here.

3. Carv Attracts €9.18 Million

Carv, a recruitment AI company, attracted €9.18 million in funding to streamline recruitment processes with its AI platform. The platform automates administrative tasks traditionally handled by recruiters, such as writing job descriptions, taking interview notes, populating ATS systems, and creating candidate write-ups. This investment will allow Carv to further develop its AI solutions, helping recruiters focus more on candidate interactions and less on administrative tasks. Carv is currently hiring Apply here.

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The Broader Implications for the Tech Landscape

The substantial funding raised by Amsterdam startups in June 2024 has major implications for the city's tech scene. These investments are expected to drive innovation, create jobs, and attract more talent to the area. Additionally, the success of these startups can inspire more entrepreneurs to start their ventures in Amsterdam, boosting the local economy.

The significant funding secured by Amsterdam startups in June 2024 marks an important moment for the city's tech ecosystem. As AI, Web3 gaming, and recruitment technology companies use this capital to innovate and grow, the impact on the tech landscape is profound. These investments promise a bright future for Amsterdam's startups and highlight the city's potential to become a leading global tech hub. As these startups expand and create new job opportunities, the effects on the local economy and the tech industry will be substantial.

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