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BHP and Union Extend Contract Talks to Avoid Strike at Chile's Spence Copper Mine

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  • Extended Contract Negotiations:BHP and the union at the Spence copper mine in Chile have extended contract negotiations, delaying the threat of a strike.
  • Union Representation:The union represents over 1,100 workers, with the previous agreement having expired on May 31.
  • Mine Operations:The mine, which produced 249,000 metric tons of copper last year, continues to operate normally.

BHP (BHP.AX), the mining giant, and the union representing workers at its Spence copper mine in Chile have agreed to extend contract negotiations, thereby postponing the risk of a strike, BHP announced on Wednesday.

Background and Negotiation Details

The union, representing more than 1,100 workers at the Spence copper mine, has been in talks with BHP after their previous collective agreement expired on May 31. Both parties have agreed to a three-day extension for mediation to allow the union's final offer proposal to be presented and voted upon by its members.

"Final Offer proposal must be presented to its (union) bases to be voted, so both parties agreed to extend the mediation in three days," BHP stated in a press release.

The Spence mine, situated in northern Chile, produced 249,000 metric tons of copper last year. Despite the ongoing negotiations, the mine continues to operate normally, with BHP seeking an amicable resolution to the contract discussions.

Chile, the world's largest copper producer, relies heavily on the production from mines like Spence. The extension of the negotiation period helps maintain stability in the copper market and avoids disruptions that could impact global copper supply.

While the immediate threat of a strike has been delayed, the potential for labor unrest remains if an agreement is not reached. A strike at the Spence mine could significantly impact BHP's operations and the broader copper market, given the mine's substantial annual production.

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Moving Forward

As BHP and the union continue their negotiations, the focus remains on finding a mutually beneficial agreement that ensures fair labor practices while maintaining operational efficiency. The outcome of these negotiations will be closely watched by industry stakeholders, given the significant role of the Spence mine in global copper production.

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