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Disney and Netflix Embrace AI Amidst Industry Strikes

As the entertainment industry grapples with ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild - major players like Disney and Netflix are shifting their focus towards the future - AI.

The AI Hiring Boom in Hollywood

A recent review of job listings on LinkedIn reveals a surge in AI-related positions across the entertainment industry. Disney, despite recent layoffs, has posted around half a dozen job openings focused on AI and machine learning. These positions range from roles within Disney's "Imagineering" team, the creative force behind Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions, to opportunities within the Disney Streaming Advanced Research division.


One such Imagineering role seeks an individual with the "ambition to push the limits of what AI tools can create." The successful candidate will understand the "difference between the voice of data and the voice of a designer, writer or artist" and will collaborate with external studios, universities, and developers to integrate the latest generative AI technologies. The role promises a base salary of up to $180,000 per year, with potential for additional bonuses or compensation.

Another intriguing opportunity lies within the Disney Streaming Advanced Research division. A machine learning engineer in this division will use AI to work on advanced personalization efforts, including the development of digital avatars for Disney+, Star+, and ESPN+.

Netflix's AI Ambitions

Netflix, a major player in the streaming industry, is also on an AI hiring spree. The company recently posted a position for an AI product manager with a salary of up to $900,000. The job listing highlights how machine learning and AI drive Netflix's business, fueling innovation in content creation, acquisition, personalization, and revenue-centric initiatives. The company has several other AI-related job openings, underscoring its commitment to leveraging AI technology.


Beyond Content Production: Amazon and Apple Join the AI Race

The demand for AI professionals extends beyond content production and research. Tech giants Amazon and Apple are also offering numerous AI and machine learning jobs focused on their media businesses.

Amazon's Prime Video division is seeking a senior project manager to "define the next big thing in localizing content, enhancing content, or making it accessible using state-of-the-art Generative AI and Computer Vision tech." The position offers a salary of up to $300,000.

Meanwhile, Sony is on the hunt for an AI "ethics" engineer. The company's job listing emphasizes its belief in AI techniques that "empower the imagination and creativity of artists, makers, and creators around the world."

The Role of AI in the Future of Entertainment

The entertainment industry's pivot towards AI comes amidst growing concerns about the impact of technological advancement on traditional job roles. Actor Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad" fame recently called out Disney CEO Bob Iger, urging him to listen to the concerns of those on strike who fear their jobs being taken over by AI.

However, Iger has been open about Disney's intention to embrace AI. In a town hall last November, he stated, "Nothing is going to stop technological advancement," adding that AI technology is "something that at some point in the future the company will embrace."

The Intersection of AI, Web3, and Entertainment

The entertainment industry's shift towards AI is part of a broader trend in the tech world. With the rise of Web3, the next generation of the internet, and AI, we're witnessing a technological revolution that's transforming industries across the board. From finance and healthcare to education and entertainment, these cutting-edge technologies are creating a plethora of job opportunities for tech enthusiasts, innovators, and pioneers.

In the entertainment industry, AI and Web3 technologies can enhance content creation and distribution, improve user experience, and open up new avenues for monetization. For instance, AI can be used to personalize content recommendations, automate content creation, and analyze viewer behavior. On the other hand, Web3 technologies like blockchain can enable decentralized content distribution, peer-to-peer transactions, and digital rights management.

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