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Here Are 15 AI Companies Hiring

It seems like every day there's a new company hiring in the AI space. But where do you find these roles? Metaintro's got you covered. Here are 10+ companies actively hiring for AI positions (spoiler: they're hiring non-technical AI-related roles as well):

Gnosis (1+ role)

RunwayML (20+ roles)

Meta (50+ roles)

ScaleAI (40+ roles)

BreaderDAO (1+ role)

Nivida (10+ roles)

Apple (20+ roles)

C3.AI (10+ roles)

OpenAI (20+ roles)

Adobe (12+ roles)

Kraken (2+ roles)

The Allen Institute for AI (18+ roles)

Cohere (24+ roles)

Patterned Learning AI (5+ roles)

Binance (2+ roles)

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