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5 Marketing Roles Posted Today

Gm, degens! It's another week and boy, do we have JOBS! Don't be fooled if they tell you it's a slow hiring market. Companies are on the lookout for people like you, so sharpen up those resumes and APPLY!

Let's get right into it!

1. Phylax is seeking a Marketing Lead

Phylax Systems, a tech startup, is developing an open-source security protocol for DApps on L2 networks, focusing on hack prevention—a mission born from the team's own experience with a devastating hack. With over $10 billion lost to preventable hacks, including 33 in just one month of July 2023, Phylax addresses a critical challenge in Web3 security. They're now seeking their first Marketing hire to shape and promote the Phylax story, develop the brand identity, strategize product launches, and enhance social media presence, with a particular emphasis on impactful storytelling and shitposting. The ideal candidate will have a profound understanding of the crypto world, experience in crypto brand building, and preferably, strong crypto media connections and knowledge of crypto security. Joining Phylax means becoming part of the founding team, tackling one of Web3's most pressing issues, with flexible PTO, health insurance, and participation in major industry events, all within a remote-first culture that values humor and direct impact.

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2. Risk Labs hiring a Social Media Manager

Risk Labs operates at the forefront of Web3 innovation, overseeing the development and growth of the UMA and Across protocol ecosystems. UMA is recognized for its optimistic oracle that securely verifies and records any provable data on the blockchain, aiming to be the definitive source of real-world data verification. Across, secured by UMA's technology, is a cutting-edge cross-chain bridge enhancing blockchain usability and efficiency, aiming to set a new standard in cross-chain interoperability.

The company seeks a versatile social media expert with a flair for memes yet capable of maintaining a polished company voice. This role involves creating engaging content across platforms like Twitter and YouTube, advocating for the company online, analyzing social media campaign effectiveness, and contributing innovative ideas in line with viral trends. Ideal candidates should have 5+ years of experience in social media management, preferably in the tech or crypto sectors, exhibit exceptional writing and strategic skills, and actively engage with crypto communities.

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Risk Labs offers competitive salaries (ranging from $90-110k USD).

3. Sahara in seek of a Social Media & Community Manager

Sahara is revolutionizing the way knowledge is accessed and utilized globally with its decentralized AI network. By merging AI with blockchain technology, Sahara aims to democratize the global knowledge economy, providing fair, secure, and universal access to knowledge capital.

Sahara is searching for a Social Media and Community Manager to enhance its organic marketing efforts. This role involves managing social media platforms, engaging with the community on Discord and Telegram, and leveraging analytics to drive strategy. The ideal candidate will have experience in Web3 or AI, a knack for storytelling, and the ability to translate complex concepts into compelling content.

Join Sahara to be part of an international team dedicated to advancing the AI industry and making a tangible impact on the global knowledge landscape.

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4. Blockovate in search of an ICO Presale Moderator

Blockovate, a burgeoning marketing agency, is on a mission to elevate blockchain solutions by connecting innovative projects with their target audience. Specializing in the blockchain realm, Blockovate partners with leading projects to revolutionize their marketing strategies, ensuring impactful audience reach and goal achievement.

Currently, Blockovate seeks an ICO Presale Moderator for a project poised to transform the gaming industry with an innovative NFT collection and a Play-to-Earn game. This vital role focuses on enhancing community engagement during the presale phase, educating members about the game's unique aspects, ensuring compliance with relevant standards, resolving conflicts, and gathering community feedback. This remote contract position offers a unique opportunity to influence the future of gaming and blockchain technology.

Ideal candidates will have excellent English skills, deep understanding of blockchain, NFTs, and gaming, plus experience in community management or similar roles.

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5. Magic Eden is hiring a Marketing Lead

Magic Eden is seeking an experienced Marketing Lead for its wallet and ETH segments. This role demands a versatile marketing generalist capable of developing narratives, simplifying complex tech for consumers, driving growth through SEO and paid ads, and working alongside strategy and product teams. Ideal candidates will bring 8+ years of marketing experience, with a proven track record in high-growth tech environments, expertise across marketing disciplines, and a deep understanding of the NFT ecosystem.

Offering a dynamic and collaborative work environment, Magic Eden provides competitive compensation (US base salary range $180,000 - $210,000), equity options, flexible PTO, comprehensive health benefits, wellness allowances, and a remote-first policy, among other perks. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a pioneering platform at the intersection of innovation, growth, and blockchain technology.

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