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5 New Web3 Jobs Listed Today


Another day, another dollar! That's what you'll be saying once you land these jobs.

We got a nice list for you today ranging from content writing, to event coordination, and product designer.

Let's take a dive!

1. Content Writer at Native

The position at Native, a company that serves as the crypto sector's invisible DEX (Decentralized Exchange) layer, is for an experienced Content Writer. This role involves curating targeted and meaningful content across various social media channels and driving the overall social media strategy for both new and existing products across all business lines. It offers a unique opportunity to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment alongside product managers, engineers, and business users focused on addressing real-world challenges in the emerging DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space.

Key responsibilities:

Content Creation: The role requires conceptualizing and producing engaging content on a range of Web3 topics, such as DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 Social, and adapting this content across different channels to drive engagement and generate leads.

Collaboration and Amplification: The position involves working with internal and external partners to get content produced and amplified, managing content channels (Twitter, Discord, Telegram), and developing clutter-breaking content.

Industry Trends and Engagement: Keeping up-to-date with industry trends to engage audiences on existing platforms and expand presence to new platforms, refining social media strategies based on community growth and health monitoring.

Who this is for:

Experienced Content Marketers and Writers: Individuals with 1-3 years of experience in content marketing and writing, especially on DeFi topics, and a track record of success on platforms like Twitter or Reddit.

Multilingual Communicators: Candidates with outstanding command of English and a popular second language within the crypto audience (e.g., Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese).

Creative and Technical Skillset: Those who demonstrate creativity, strong writing skills for fast-paced social media content, and possibly skills in photography, copywriting, design, and basic video editing.

Apply here

2. Marketing Leader at Sorare

Sorare, a fantasy sports gaming platform and marketplace for officially licensed digital player cards, is looking for an innovative and passionate Head of Marketing to join their team. This position is a fantastic opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, contributing to Sorare's mission of revolutionizing digital sports fandom. With over 3.5 million users across 180 countries and partnerships with more than 300 iconic teams and organizations, Sorare is building the next sports entertainment giant.

Key responsibilities

Global Impact: Lead marketing efforts for a company at the forefront of digital sports entertainment with a vast, global user base and significant partnerships.

Strategic Role: Play a crucial role in building the Sorare brand, defining its message, and growing the user base as part of the executive team.

Innovative Marketing: Formulate and execute product marketing strategies, influence and brand ambassador strategies, and social media strategies to drive brand awareness and user acquisition.

Who this is for

Experienced Leader: With 8+ years in product marketing and 4+ years leading teams, ideally within the mobile gaming or a consumer-facing organization.

Strategic Thinker: Someone who can provide senior and strategic marketing leadership, exhibiting flexibility and creativity to achieve marketing objectives.

Data-Driven: An analytical mindset is key, leveraging data-driven insights to refine and optimize marketing strategies.

Apply here

3. Staff Product Designer at CoinTracker

CoinTracker, a leader in the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance sector, simplifies the management and taxation of crypto assets with unmatched efficiency. Their mission is crystal clear: to empower global users to engage with cryptocurrency confidently and with ease.

Key responsibilities

Passion for Product Design: You have a deep-seated passion for scrutinizing and perfecting the design and details of products, considering the entire user journey.

Cross-functional Collaboration: Previous experience working alongside Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams, acting as a crucial thought partner.

Technical Curiosity: You're enthused by delving into technical nuances, fully immersing yourself in the product from a user's perspective.

Who this is for

7+ years of experience in visual design, supported by a strong portfolio that highlights your design thinking and quality.

Proficiency in a wide range of design tools, including Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and prototyping tools.

Excellent communication skills, capable of articulating design concepts and collaborating across teams.

Apply here

4. DevOps Engineer at CoW Protocol

CoW Protocol, a leading entity in the decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator market, is on a transformative journey to redefine digital asset exchanges across EVM-compatible chains. With an impressive milestone of over $29 billion in trade volume and a strong position as the second most popular DEX Aggregator, CoW Protocol is ambitiously aiming for the top spot. This growth is fueled by a commitment to making markets more efficient and fair through innovative batch auction settlement layers and robust protections against MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) issues like frontrunning and sandwich attacks.

Key responsibilities

Implement and maintain Kubernetes workloads and scalable cloud-based infrastructure using an Infrastructure-as-Code approach.

Modify and extend Pulumi configurations for AWS resource management.

Drive CI/CD workflow standards and foster a DevOps culture within the team.

Who this is for

Advanced knowledge of AWS and experience in deploying, securing, and maintaining distributed systems.

Proficiency in Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, and development experience in languages such as Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust, or similar.

Experience with Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic Search, and the operation of Ethereum nodes/validators is highly valued.

Apply here

5. Events Coordinator at Oasis Protocol

Oasis, a leading privacy-focused Layer 1 blockchain, offers a scalable and cross-chain enabled architecture aimed at enhancing data sovereignty and on-chain privacy across the entire Web3 ecosystem. The Oasis Protocol Foundation is at the forefront of supporting projects that develop privacy-preserving applications on the Oasis Network.

Key responsibilities

Event Planning and Execution: Organize online and in-person events in line with the event strategy. This includes collaboration with stakeholders to grasp event objectives, themes, requirements, and conducting post-event evaluations for continuous improvement.

Partner and Vendor Management: Identify and negotiate with partners for online events and manage vendors and suppliers for offline events. Also involves coordinating with speakers and stakeholders regarding event details to ensure success.

Who this is for

Bachelor's degree.

1-2 years of experience in web3 and in a relevant role (operations or marketing).

Solid understanding of web3 culture.

Apply here

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