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Metaintro Raised $5.6M to Build On-Chain Resumes Automating PoW and Accelerating time-to-hire

Metaintro Funding

Metaintro, the professional resume wallet for web3, closed a $5.6M seed round with backing from Druid Ventures, Legacy Research (via Republic), Untapped Ventures, Ziba Capital, and grants from NEAR and Aave.

Since the release of Vitalik's essay on SBT's (soul-bound tokens) in June of 2022, the conversation around digital identity utilizing web3 technologies has been prevalent within the crypto industry. Regardless of what on-chain credentials are called in the long term, Metaintro believes that web3 professionals need an interoperable way of leveraging and sharing those on-chain credentials for employment purposes.


The company will be using the proceeds of funds from their seed round to build the first “resume wallet,” a multi-chain custodial wallet that holds proof-of-employment, proof-of-skill, and proof-of-education – eliminating the PDF resume. Wallet holders will be able to access their wallet through a browser extension, which can then be used to interact with web3 job applications. The Metaintro widget will be available in all major ATS app stores.

“Similar to hot and cold wallets, resume wallets will be a crucial entry point for professionals into web3. Metaintro will soon help millions of people make the career transition into the next generation of the web.” – Lacey Kaelani, Co-Founder & CEO.

Adjacent to the product, female founder Lacey Kaelani has also quickly built Metaintro's Discord to be one of the buzziest hotspots for professionals looking for web3 jobs. With over 4,000 jobs posted monthly, the server has scaled to over 10,000 users in just a few short months. The Discord community has successfully helped thousands of individuals find and land their dream web3 job. The company plans to use this community as a launchpad for their beta set to be released at the end of this year.

“Attracting and retaining key talent is at the core of any successful business, especially in the nascent web3 space. Metaintro's community-led web3 talent aggregator will be the go-to destination for these job seekers, crypto-native employers, and traditional employers looking to onboard the right talent in the most user-friendly way through their on-chain resume wallet. We are excited to support Metaintro as they continue to capture market share and deliver exceptional experiences for all constituents.” Chris Pizzo, Metaintro investor and Founding Partner at Druid Ventures.

George Bandarian, Founding Partner of Untapped Ventures, an early investor shared “Metaintro is a blockchain ledger that manages people's education, work experience, training, certifications, credentials and other similar personal history which would previously go into a resume or LinkedIn profile. The user can then provide easy access to people and organizations of their choosing. This is a natural use-case for blockchain technology, and we believe Web3 will create a few dozen winner-take-all scenarios, just as Web2 and Web1 did. We're excited to support Lacey and Metaintro on this exciting journey.”

Metaintro will be using the $5.6M raised to hire core team members, roll out their beta, and to aggressively scale. To get on the waitlist for the first resume wallet, visit www.metaintro.com for more information.

About Metaintro

Metaintro is the professional resume wallet for web3. The multi-chain custodial wallet holds proof-of-employment, proof-of-skill, and proof-of-education, replacing the PDF resume. Job seekers can access their wallet through a browser extension, which can then be used to interact with web3 job applications.

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