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Tesla Ramps Up Hiring Following Massive Layoffs

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  • Tesla Hiring:Tesla is ramping up hiring with over 60 job postings in the US and Canada after extensive layoffs earlier this year.
  • New Roles:The new roles cover a variety of positions, including those in Tesla's energy and autopilot divisions.
  • Future Plans:The automaker is also advertising for roles at its forthcoming lithium plant in Texas and for its internship programs.

Tesla appears to be ramping up its hiring efforts again, nearly two months after Elon Musk initiated mass layoffs. The electric vehicle manufacturer has posted over 60 new job listings on its website, suggesting a significant shift in its recruitment strategy following a period of extensive workforce reductions.

Recent Hiring Activity

In April, Tesla reduced the number of available job listings in North America from 3,400 to just 3 after cutting 10% of its global workforce. Additional layoffs followed throughout May. However, the company began posting jobs in its autopilot division in late May, and now, it seems to be expanding its hiring to cover a broader range of roles.

The new job postings include positions in Tesla's energy division, which focuses on solar and storage solutions. Some of these roles involve providing "corrective maintenance services" for Tesla's energy products, including its charging stations. These listings indicate a renewed focus on expanding and maintaining Tesla's energy infrastructure.

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Impact on Tesla's Operations

The layoffs had a significant impact on Tesla's operations, particularly its supercharger division. The entire supercharger team was reportedly laid off after the division chief defied Musk's orders for additional cuts. According to Bloomberg, Tesla has since rehired some members of the supercharger team, highlighting the tumultuous period the company has faced.

The uncertainty caused by the layoffs affected Tesla's suppliers as well. Andres Pinter, co-CEO of Bullet EV Charging Solutions, a Tesla supplier, described the situation as a "serious case of whiplash," noting the confusion about whether the new management of the charging division was a temporary or permanent move.

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New Opportunities and Future Plans

Tesla is not only focusing on its energy division but also advertising several roles at its forthcoming lithium plant in Corpus Christi, Texas. Musk has stated that this plant will produce enough battery metal to build about 1 million electric vehicles by 2025.

Additionally, Tesla has listed positions for its internship programs, with roles in vehicle servicing and mechanical design available for the summer and fall of 2024. This is notable given that the company had previously revoked some summer internships less than a month before their start date.

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The increase in job postings signals that Tesla is looking to stabilize and grow its workforce after a period of significant layoffs. This move is likely part of a broader strategy to ensure the company can meet its production and operational goals amid rising competition in the electric vehicle market.

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