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12 Gifts for Friends Braving It Through The Crypto Bear Market

12 Products to Brighten Your Crypto Bear Market Journey

Crypto bear markets are painful. If you're toughing it out, or know someone that is that could use a pick-me-up, here are 12 products that are bound to make smiles happen.

1. Lawn Gnome - Bitcoin Enthusiast Edition

This lawn gnome is everything. Need we say more?

Bitcoin Gnome

A review we saw: "love this thing - Bitcoin!"

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

2. Mint It Baseball Cap

A baseball cap embroidered with "Mint It" is perfect for degens, no matter a bear or bull market.

Mint It Baseball Cap

Buy it for $21.99.

3. Bitcoin Sweater

Wear this sweater to that holiday family dinner where your aunt will, once again, ask you if you work at Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Sweater

Get it for $29.99.

4. A Gift for Crypto Doubters

A gift to give someone who doubted crypto (only for when we're back in the bull market, though).

Crypto Doubters Gift

A review we found: "5.0 out of 5 stars Great product"

Get it for $14.99.

5. Dodgecoin Blanket

A Dodgecoin blanket to keep you warm through crypto winter.

Dodgecoin Blanket

A review we found: "Super Soft!"

Get it for $32.99.

6. "To The Moon" iPhone Case

This "To The Moon" iPhone case to remind you of simpler times.

To The Moon iPhone Case

Get it for $13.84.

7. BTC Neon Sign

A WFH office wouldn't be complete without a BTC neon sign to show that you're still bullish.

BTC Neon Sign

A review we saw: "WAOOOOOOO GREAT lamp!!!!"

Buy it for $65.34.

8. Fun Sign

This would be a fun sign, too.

Fun Sign

Buy it for $58.99.

9. Candlestick Display

Grab your popcorn and this candlestick display for when the market starts to rally again.

Candlestick Display

Purchase it on Amazon for $89.

10. Bitcoin Toilet Paper

Give this Bitcoin toilet paper to a friend to make them smile (no matter when).

Bitcoin Toilet Paper

Purchase it on Amazon.

11. Home Office Decoration

The perfect decoration to put in a home office.

Home Office Decoration

Purchase it on Amazon for $21.10.

12. Buy the Dip Reminder

A reminder to buy the dip (of course, not financial advice).

Buy the Dip Reminder

A review we saw: Dishwasher safe!

Purchase it for $20.95.

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