Upcoming conferences

Say 👋 gm IRL

metaintro's mission is to reduce the time to hire - we believe there's no better way to jump start that mission than connecting job seekers and employers IRL at amazing web3 based conferences. Join us at one of the ones we're hosting a job fair at soon!

What to expect at these events

Find New Job Opportunities

Whether you're seeking an exciting new job in web3 or groundbreaking projects to work on, our fairs will be where you find those opportunities. Expect to meet dozens of top-tier web3 employers who are actively seeking candidates with YOUR unique skill set.


Unleash the full potential of your web3 career and build meaningful relationships with other event goers at our web3 job fairs. You'll unlock unparalleled opportunities to build meaningful relationships with other attendees who share your vision for the decentralized future. This is what web3 is all about

Be Inspired

Get close to some of most cutting edge web3 technologies and projects in the world. Our fairs will feature the latest and greatest in web3 technology, from NFTs to DeFi and beyond.