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metaintro's Games With Web3 Frens Recording


Our YouTube series, Games with Web3 Frens, is a fun show that interviews industry leaders over favorite childhood games. Are you up for a challenging game of Jenga or Connect Four (your choice!)?

We'll be recording at a YouTube studio right next to the conference location. Each recording is about a 1/2 hour. If approved to be on the show, you'll receive and email from us a few days before with recording information, location, etc.

This is a great opportunity to get to talk about what your company does, any upcoming product releases the company may have, your hiring plans for the upcoming year, and any advice you'd give to a job seeker within the web3 space!

RSVP to secure your spot, and we at metaintro are excited about the opportunity to meet you soon! (https://metaintrowallet.com/48TUoOZ)

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