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A Comprehensive List of Layoffs In the Crypto Industry - March 2024

The web3 industry has been navigating a period of significant turbulance since 2022, a trend that extended into 2023 and continues into the current year. Although the magnitude of job losses in 2024 hasn't matched the previous years, notable industry players in the industry have all contributed to the ongoing trend. The pattern of layoffs this year—whether it mimics last year's lull in summer followed by a resurgence in winter—remains to be seen.

Despite a few promising areas, particularly in artificial intelligence and related fields, the tech industry's recovery momentum is sluggish. Many tech firms are shifting from an expansion-focused approach to prioritizing efficiency.

Monitoring these layoffs is crucial for several reasons: it sheds light on how innovation in web3 is being impacted, which companies are under significant strain, and who is might be hiring.

The final count of layoffs for 2023 for the entire tech industry stood at 262,735, as reported by Layoffs.fyi, marking a 59% increase from 2022 according to the tracker's data. The start of 2024 has been challenging, even if the numbers have not yet reached the highs of early 2023.

This specific tracker is dedicated just to the web3 industry. The Metaintro team updates this list on a monthly basis, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for the industry.

Here's what happened:

Web3 Layoff Tracker

March 2024:

Febuary 2024:

January 2024:

December 2023:

November 2023:

October 2023:

Need a talented web3 individual? Here's a list of employees that were impacted by the layoffs:

If you're actively hiring, this is the list that you need:

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