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Demand for DevRel Professionals in Crypto is Rising

The blockchain industry is not just growing; it's transforming how businesses and individuals interact with data and each other. Companies like Supra, Risk Labs, and WalletConnect are at the forefront of this revolution, looking for developer relations professionals to join their teams and drive community engagement and product excellence.

Developer Relations at Supra

Supra, a pioneer in decentralized data solutions, is looking a Senior Developer Advocate to head their Developer Relations program. This role involves direct interaction with the developer community, offering resources and assistance to encourage innovation on the SupraOracles platform. The ideal candidate will have more than four years of experience in blockchain and web3 technologies, with expertise in programming languages like Rust, Move, Solidity, and JavaScript.


  • Develop and maintain the Developer Relations program, focusing on mentorship, management, and efficient workflow processes.
  • Serve as the primary contact for technical inquiries, ensuring developers have the support needed to build with Supra.
  • Create high-quality educational materials, host webinars, and represent Supra at industry conferences and hackathons.

What's in it for You:

  • Be part of a fast-growing startup with a global reach, offering competitive compensation and flexible working conditions.
  • Work with leading cryptography researchers and experienced engineers to build a blockchain platform from the ground up.

Explore this career-defining opportunity at Supra and apply today!

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DevRel Expertise at Risk Labs

Risk Labs, the organization behind UMA and Across protocols, is looking for a Developer Relations Expert to enhance their ecosystem engagement. This position involves educating and training developers on UMA and Across products, encouraging a deeper understanding of blockchain technology applications.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct educational sessions, both in real life and virtually, to help developers deploy and build with UMA or Across products.
  • Create technical documentation, video tutorials, and other learning materials to support the developer community.

Why Risk Labs?

  • Competitive salary ranging from $100,000 to $180,000, with meaningful token options.
  • Fully remote position, promoting work-life balance with flexible vacation policies and team offsites.

Join Risk Labs and help redefine blockchain usability and efficiency.

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Developer Relations Engineer (Content) at WalletConnect

WalletConnect is on the lookout for a Developer Relations Engineer (Content) to create comprehensive technical content for their platforms. This role is crucial in supporting WalletConnect's mission to connect developers and users across the web3 ecosystem, making blockchain technology more accessible and usable.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Generate content that breaks down product features, integration processes, and usage instructions.
  • Engage actively with the community through social media, documentation, and direct support to facilitate the adoption of WalletConnect products.

Benefits of Working at WalletConnect:

  • Opportunities to work with a dynamic team backed by top investors in the crypto space.
  • Access to a global network, allowing for impactful work in a supportive and innovative environment.

Learn more and apply to become part of WalletConnect's journey towards a decentralized internet.


Companies like Supra, Risk Labs, and WalletConnect offer not only competitive salaries and benefits but also the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology innovation. Whether you are helping to build new platforms or supporting developers in their projects, a career in DevRel within the blockchain industry promises growth, challenge, and the chance to make a significant impact.

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