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Games With web3 Frens - Jenga or Connect Four?

In the world of web3 and AI, innovation is the name of the game. But who says that game can't be fun? Metaintro, a leading company in the space, has found a way to combine the two in their YouTube series, "Games With web3 Frens". The series features metaintro's CEO, Lacey, and CTO, Brad, as they interview builders and founders at the largest web3 conferences. But these aren't your typical interviews. They're conducted over a game of Connect Four or Jenga, adding a layer of fun and camaraderie to the proceedings.

The Best of Games With web3 Frens

Over the course of the series, Lacey and Brad have had the opportunity to duel with some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Here are some of the best episodes:

Swiping Right with SynFutures at NFT NYC

SynFutures is a next-generation decentralized derivatives infrastructure that democratizes the derivatives market by allowing users to trade on anything with a price feed anytime. With an innovative Synthetic Automated Market Making (sAMM) model, SynFutures is the first protocol in the decentralized derivatives industry to introduce permissionless asset listings. Backed by top-tier web3 institutional investors and experienced team members from global financial institutions and blockchain technology companies, SynFutures is the largest derivatives exchange on Polygon and among the top three most actively used decentralized derivatives exchanges.

Hiring with Silvermint at ETHDenver

This episode features a fascinating discussion with the team from Silvermint - a leaderless, scalable, and secure proof-of-stake blockchain designed for developers.

CTO vs. CEO - The Ultimate Battle at ETHDenver

Join Metaintro founders Lacey and Brad as they discuss the upcoming IRL web3 job fairs and our mission to reimagine job fairs to make them cool and effective. Get insider tips and tricks on how to prepare for your first web3 conference, stand out to hiring managers, and find side events.

Hiring With Sandbox

Sebastien from The Sandbox tells us the story of his company and their future plans for hiring!

Episode: "NFTs and Art with OpenSea"

In this episode of Games with web3 Frens, JP from Civic tells us how to they are working to provide a safe, secure crypto world in the web3 space. He also gives some tips on how to find jobs in web3!

What's Next for Games With web3 Frens?

The Games with web3 Frens team isn't stopping there. They'll be at TechCrunch Disrupt next, ready to bring more fun and insightful interviews to their audience. New videos are uploaded to the playlist weekly, so there's always something to look forward to.

If you have a request for who Lacey and Brad should play next, don't hesitate to reach out. You can email your suggestions to media@metaintro.com. Whether you're a fan of web3, AI, or just love a good game of Connect Four or Jenga, Games With web3 Frens is a series you won't want to miss.

Checkout the full playlist here - https://www.youtube.com/@RecruitingishbyMetaintro

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