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TikTok Announces Layoffs in Ireland

TikTok has confirmed that it will lay off more than 250 employees in Ireland, part of a broader restructuring aimed at enhancing the company's training and quality assurance processes. This move comes amid wider job cuts previously announced, with TikTok initially stating up to 300 positions would be affected.

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Concerns Over Layoff Criteria and Communication

The layoffs have been contentious among the staff, particularly regarding the criteria used for job cuts. Employees expressed dissatisfaction with the use of a policy proficiency test conducted last November, the results of which were later used to determine redundancies. The test, according to employees, was initially described as a tool for identifying knowledge gaps, not as a metric for restructuring. This revelation came only after the test scores were released, just before the redundancy process began, which many found misleading and unfair.

Employee Sentiments and Corporate Response

The situation was further exacerbated by what many employees considered "insensitive" communication methods. For instance, an email about a bonus supplement was sent just before layoffs, and a festive company event coincided with announcements about the redundancy terms. These actions were seen as tactless given the circumstances, highlighting a perceived disconnect between corporate decisions and employee morale. In response to the layoffs, local political figures and activists have rallied support for the affected workers, arguing against the job cuts in light of TikTok's parent company ByteDance's substantial profits.

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