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Web3 Academy - Everything You Need To Know About Their Rabbit Hole Course

Web3 Academy - Unveiling the Secrets of Their Rabbithole Course

Looking for educational resources in web3? The Web3 Academy has you covered. Their latest course, the "Web3 Rabbit Hole Course," aims to demystify web3, ensuring that you not only grasp its intricacies but also imagine its potential for industry growth.

Here's what you need to know:

Diving into the Web3 Rabbit Hole

The allure of the "Web3 Rabbit Hole Course" lies in its promise to help you understand the foundational components of web3, empowering you to confidently navigate the insanely fast-growing landscape. Designed to cater to anyone interested in web3, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of web3's intricacies, all condensed into a 1.5-hour journey.

Whether you're an investor eyeing the potential of cryptocurrencies, an early tech adopter seeking a new career direction, an entrepreneur striving to embrace web3 concepts, or a creative spirit looking to build a thriving community, this course welcomes you with open arms.


What to Expect

What can you expect to gain from the "Web3 Rabbit Hole Course"? Here's exactly what:

  • Clarity on Web3: The course aims to demystify the term "web3" by providing a clear and concise explanation.
  • Foundations of Emerging Technologies: Delve into the three pillars of web3: blockchain, metaverse, and AI, and understand their collective impact.
  • Unveiling the "Why": Explore why web3 is pivotal and how it is set to revolutionize digital experiences.
  • Self Custody Matters: Understand the significance of self custody and how it aligns with the principles of web3.
  • Onchain vs Online: Dive into the benefits of onchain interactions over traditional online practices.
  • A Revolution in Finance: Gain insights into how blockchain is poised to revolutionize money, finance, and the internet.
  • Pillars of Web3: Explore the seven foundational elements (substrates) that constitute the web3 landscape.
  • The World of Blockchain: Break down the jargon, including blockchain, wallets, dApps, fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), DAOs, and Layer 2s, and understand their intricate interplay.
  • A Glimpse into the Future: Peer into the future of web3 and learn about protocols building upon one another.
  • AI Integration with Web3: Gain insights into how AI technologies are poised to enhance user experiences within the web3 ecosystem.

And the best part....

The course is 100% FREE.

Then what? As you complete the "Web3 Rabbit Hole Course," you're not just earning knowledge; you're also set to receive a Proof of Completion NFT. This NFT serves as a badge of your achievement, a digital testament to your journey through the web3 rabbit hole.

Get the course here!

Web3 Academy's Vision and Impact

The mastermind behind the "Web3 Rabbit Hole Course" is none other than Kyle Reidhead, the co-founder of Web3 Academy. With an extensive background in blockchain and crypto, Kyle brings a ton of knowledge to the table. Having published over 200 podcasts and articles, and being a co-founder of Impact3 consulting for renowned entities such as Bankless, Milk Road, Real Vision, Lark Davis, and Rekt Capital, Kyle is an expert in the industry.


Web3 Academy has a secondary course that's all about investing in web3. The "Profit from the Future: A Web3 Investing Masterclass" is designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the world of crypto and web3 investments. Whether you're a newcomer seeking to capitalize on the potential of web3 or a financial professional looking to integrate blockchain assets into portfolios - this elevated course is worth a look.

The Masterclass

In this 4.5-hour course, you'll acquire the below:

  • Understand the intricacies of investing in cryptocurrencies and web3
  • Learn to assess and mitigate risks effectively
  • Discover long-term investment approaches and portfolio diversification
  • Delve into the mechanics of blockchains, application tokens, and NFTs
  • Master the art of portfolio design and management
  • Explore the tactics for buying, selling, and emotional resilience
  • Safeguard yourself from scams and hacks
  • Elevate your investing strategy to maximize returns

Checkout the full course here.

Next Steps with Web3 Academy

Web3 Academy's "Web3 Rabbit Hole Course" isn't just a course; it's an invitation to join a community of learners, explorers, and visionaries who are shaping the future. Whether you're seeking to understand the intricacies of blockchain, metaverse, or AI, this course welcomes you to take the leap and dive deep into the world of web3.

Your journey starts here (or... down the rabbit hole??).

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