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metaintro's Annual 2024 Hiring Predictions

Every year we get the distinct pleasure of helping hundreds of thousands of individuals forge their career path in web3 and AI. On the flip side, the metaintro team lends a helping hand to the hundreds of employers actively hiring top tier talent for their teams. 500,000+ job seekers, specifically.

And what a year it has been.

What surprised me most over the past 12 months is the resilience of every web3 job seeker in the most turbulent of times, from layoffs by the thousands to the introductory of new mandatory skills - specifically AI - being added as a requirement by employers a majority of job applications. In the rollercoaster that was 2023, job seekers continued to level up their skill set and build.

While we can't predict the future, the metaintro team has a pretty unique insight into what 2024 might hold for the labor market.

Here's what my colleagues had to say:

"Bullish for the job market." - CTO @ metaintro

What will the job market for 2024 look like? It's the hardest question out there. How the jobs market evolves with AI is legitimately the answer. It's important that we at metaintro have taken the stance that we're an AI friendly business, although we have a long way to go. My prediction is that AI will free up people's time to tackle larger problems that the world is facing. I also think we're going to see unemployment continue to stay low and I think salaries will continue to maintain steady, which is positive. With that being said, I'm bullish for the job market.

Brad Larson, CTO @ metaintro

"Memecoins are coming back" - Biz Dev @ metaintro

For 2024, I think the status quo will stay the same, but will also be unpredictable given the adaptation of AI. One of the biggest things that will come Into play for content creators will be the implementation of AI. Also, memecoins are coming back.

Carlos Miranda, Biz Dev @ metaintro

"The job market will still be slow in Q1 and Q2" - Blockchain Engineer @ metaintro

In 2024 there will be a TON of jobs in the AI and machine learning space. However, in terms of hiring frequency, expect for Q1 and Q2 to still be slow, and possibly pick up In Q3 and Q4.

Anthony Nguyen, Blockchain Engineer @ metaintro

"There will be 8 million Americans that lose their job In 2024" - Growth @ metaintro

In 2024, there will be 8 million Americans that lose their job. It's a strong opportunity for us at metaintro to dive deeper Into the U.S. job market and help them stand out when landing a job in web3.

Natan Dahan, Growth @ metaintro

"Portfolios will become important" - Community @ metaintro

I predict that resumes will be replaced by digital portfolios in 2024. Your portfolios will speak for you more than your resume can. It'll be important to spend time building and perfecting these assets.

Drashti Garach, Community @ metaintro

"Bullish and pessimistic" - Head of Content @ metaintro

With all of the Bitcoin ETF rumors, it makes me happy that Bitcoin is stepping back into the limelight. I think more traditional companies (aka web2) will focus efforts on accepting Bitcoin. With this being said, I'm also pessimistic about the hiring market In 2024. There will be a lot of companies shutting down and a lot of people losing their jobs.

Luis Fausto, Head of Content @ metaintro

& me? Here's what I predict for the 2024 job market:

  • A majority of web3 startups will close doors In Q1 and Q2. Some might be able to fight and go into cockroach mode, but won't live to see Q4. This means a lot of talented founders and founding teams will go back into the job market. The companies that raised a substantial amount In 2022 and preserved capital will be able to make it through 2025 and beyond.
  • Grant foundations will continue to deploy capital, possibly in smaller amounts, in efforts to push market adoption for their ecosystems and infrastructure. This will be a good opportunity for founders to continue to build something that they're passionate about, which is ultimately building in web3.
  • The U.S. job market will continue to be hit hard with layoffs as more companies Implement AI to replace mundane tasks and lower level staff.
  • In order to land a job in web3, and possibly the wider job market, job seekers will need to have AI tools listed under their skills section on their resume. You will be at a disadvantage and overlooked if you don't.
  • Internship opportunities in web3 will be far and few between. It will be very competitive to get an internship, and a majority of them will be at U.S. or Asia-based companies.
  • Less and less companies will offer token compensation as a part of any type of benefits package. Job seekers will prefer cash and higher salaries, period.
  • There will be 3 million+ job seekers around the world that use metaintro as a guiding light for their career in web3 (as I write this today, we have 500,000).

I look forward to continuing to be able to level up the job seeker market in 2024.

Cheers to 2024.

Lacey Kaelani, CEO @ metaintro

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