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A Day At Work - Community Moderating w/ Ugochi Lyi

Community moderators (and managers!) play a crucial role in fostering engagement, facilitating discussions, and ensuring a positive online experience for all members within the web3 space. Today, as part of our A Day At Work series, we're thrilled to introduce you to Ugochi, the Lead Community Moderator at Metaintro.

A community moderator in the Web3 space is a professional who manages online communities on various platforms, including Discord, Telegram, Crypto Twitter (and of course, other social media platforms that are important to that company). They are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive, inclusive, and engaging environment for community members. They often handle content creation, member onboarding, event organization, and moderating discussions. They also track engagement metrics and respond to community inquiries, making them a vital part of any Web3 project's success.

Ugochi has been in the Web3 and AI space for two years, and her journey is a testament to the exciting opportunities and unique experiences that this industry offers. Let's delve into her day-to-day activities, the tools she uses at work, and her advice for those interested in a similar role.

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A Day in Ugochi's Life as a Community Moderator

When asked about her typical day at Metaintro, Ugochi shared that her work revolves around creating and posting content across various social media platforms. She spends a significant portion of her day responding to questions and helping onboard new members. "Spike and engage in meaningful discussions," she says, highlighting the importance of fostering active engagement within the community.

Ugochi also tracks engagement metrics, organizes and moderates events, and sources for Web3 jobs. Her role is multifaceted, requiring her to wear many hats and adapt to the dynamic nature of the Web3 space.

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Tools of the Trade

In her role as a community moderator, Ugochi relies on several tools to streamline her tasks and enhance her productivity. She uses Discord Server Insights for managing and monitoring the community's activities. Google Docs Is her go-to tools for organizing information and collaborating on documents. For content creation, she turns to Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform. TweetDeck helps her manage and schedule tweets, while Mematic is her choice for creating engaging memes for the community.

Advice for Aspiring Community Moderators

For those interested in a community moderation role, Ugochi offers some valuable advice. "To be a great community manager, you need to take out time to understand your community, learn their interests, needs, and concerns," she says. These insights serve as a guide for creating engagement strategies.

Ugochi emphasizes the importance of empathy in her role. "Always put yourself in the shoes of your community members, and understand that every member is important and should be responded to with compassion," she advises. This approach helps build trust and create genuine connections within the community.

Landing a Job in Community Moderation

Ugochi's journey to her current role is an inspiring story of seizing opportunities and showcasing one's skills. She discovered the job post on Twitter, and one of the requirements was to join the Metaintro Discord server and engage with the community. Ugochi did just that, onboarding new members, ensuring a safe and positive online experience, and building relationships. Her proactive engagement caught the attention of the hiring manager, leading to her current role at Metaintro. For those interested in her full story, Ugochi has shared a detailed thread on her Twitter account:

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Salary Expectations

When it comes to salary, Ugochi explains that it can vary based on factors such as company size and budget, responsibilities, and role within the company. For community moderators, the range is typically between $600 to $3000 monthly. For community managers, the range is broader, from $4000 to $12000 monthly.

Checkout this payscale that lists community management salaries from around the web3 world!


Ugochi's story offers valuable insights into the role of a community moderator in the Web3 space. Her dedication to understanding and serving her community, coupled with her effective use of various tools, makes her an integral part of Metaintro's success.

If you're interested in exploring opportunities in the Web3 and AI space, Metaintro's newsletter and Discord community can be invaluable resources. They provide a wealth of information on job openings, industry trends, and networking opportunities. Whether you're looking to become a community moderator like Ugochi or explore other roles in this exciting field, Metaintro can help you navigate your career journey in Web3 and AI.

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