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Anchorage Co-founder Joins Haun Ventures; Legal Hires Boost Crypto Stocks

In a move for the crypto industry, Diogo M贸nica, co-founder and former president of Anchorage Digital, has transitioned to become a general partner at Haun Ventures. M贸nica's shift follows his tenure at Anchorage, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the institution-focused crypto platform as the first federally chartered crypto bank in the United States.

A Pioneer's Evolution: From Anchorage to Haun Ventures

Founded in 2017, Anchorage Digital emerged as an early advocate for institutional participation in crypto. M贸nica's strategic vision and technical expertise contributed to Anchorage's groundbreaking achievements, including a $350 million Series D funding round in late 2021. Despite stepping back as president, M贸nica remains actively involved with Anchorage, providing strategic guidance and aiding in executive hiring decisions.

At Haun Ventures, M贸nica joins a select team of partners led by Katie Haun, a former federal prosecutor and Andreessen Horowitz partner. Haun Ventures, established in early 2022, has quickly established itself as a prominent investor in the crypto space, focusing on early-stage and growth-stage opportunities. M贸nica's transition underscores the growing trend of crypto founders pivoting to venture capital roles, mirroring industry veterans like Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam.

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In parallel with M贸nica's move, notable legal appointments are reshaping the landscape of crypto ventures. Ionic Digital, a bitcoin mining company arising from Celsius' bankruptcy estate, appointed Charles B. Ammann as its chief legal officer. Ammann's arrival at Ionic reinforces the firm's mining operations across multiple sites in Texas, signaling confidence in the company's growth trajectory.

Furthermore, Alluvial, a liquid staking developer, welcomed Evan Thomas as its general counsel. Thomas, formerly with Canadian fintech firm Wealthsimple, brings extensive legal experience to Alluvial, strengthening the company's position in the rapidly evolving crypto market.

A Glimpse into the Future of Crypto Investment

M贸nica's transition to Haun Ventures marks a pivotal moment in his career trajectory, bridging the realms of entrepreneurship and venture capital. As Haun Ventures continues to shape the future of crypto investment, M贸nica's technical acumen and industry insights will add value to the firm's portfolio and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Amidst these developments, the crypto industry witnesses a convergence of legal expertise and entrepreneurial vision, laying the groundwork for future innovations and growth opportunities.

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About Anchorage Digital: Anchorage Digital, co-founded by Diogo M贸nica and Nathan McCauley, remains at the forefront of institutional crypto banking, offering a secure and compliant platform for digital asset custody. With its unique distinction as the first federally chartered crypto bank in the US, Anchorage continues to drive innovation in the crypto financial services sector.

About Haun Ventures: Founded by Katie Haun, Haun Ventures is a leading venture capital firm specializing in crypto investments. With a focus on early-stage and growth-stage opportunities, Haun Ventures leverages its expertise and network to support innovative projects and entrepreneurs in the evolving crypto landscape.

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