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Careers at TechCrunch - Meet Auctoria

In a recent interview with Luis Fausto, Head of Content at Metaintro, Joanna from Auctoria delved into the innovative world of AI-driven 3D design. Auctoria is pioneering a tool that promises to change the way we approach 3D world creation. Cool, right?

Auctoria's mission is to streamline the often time-consuming process of creating 3D environments for movies or games. By leveraging AI, they aim to eliminate repetitive tasks, allowing creators to focus on the unique aspects of their projects.

The platform is designed with both professionals and hobbyists in mind. Users can sketch basic patterns, and the AI takes over, transforming these sketches into detailed terrains. Whether you're designing an island or a mountain range, Auctoria's intuitive interface makes it a breeze.

Though still in the pre-launch stage, Auctoria has garnered attention at major conferences. Game developers, in particular, have expressed excitement, especially about the tool's ability to effortlessly generate elements like rocks.

Throughout the interview, Joanna emphasizds the importance of staying updated with AI trends and following startups in the space. With the AI industry booming, now is an opportune time to join teams like Auctoria, which is actively hiring.

Auctoria is poised to redefine 3D world creation. For those keen on exploring this AI-powered tool or connecting with Joanna, she's available via their contact form here.

Checkout the full interview here:

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