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Duolingo Is Hiring for AI Roles

With 500 million users globally, Duolingo is making bold moves to reinforce its AI department.

Pioneering accessible education, the app has gone beyond just teaching Spanish, but has ventured into the realm of literacy with Duolingo ABC, English proficiency assessment through the Duolingo English Test, and even mathematics. As Duolingo paints its aspirations on a global canvas, the company is looking towards AI to further its vision of democratizing education.


Duolingo is Hiring AI Research Engineers

Duolingo, the popular language learning app, is hiring AI Research Engineers (and a ton of other AI-related roles here) to help them develop the next generation of language learning technology. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer science. They will also be creative, interdisciplinary, and entrepreneurial.

In this role, you'd get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects related to AI for language learning. This could include developing new algorithms for language modeling, creating natural language interfaces, or designing new ways to assess learner progress. You'd also have the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers and engineers at Duolingo, as well as with the broader AI community.

The Duolingo AI Research team is responsible for developing the next generation of language learning technology. The team is made up of researchers and engineers with a wide range of expertise, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer science.

The team's work is focused on three main areas:

  • Language modeling: The team develops algorithms that can learn the statistical properties of languages. This research is used to create new language learning tools, such as chatbots and translation systems.
  • Natural language interfaces: The team develops ways for users to interact with computers using natural language. This research is used to create new ways for users to learn languages, such as through voice commands and text-based interfaces.
  • Assessment: The team develops methods for assessing learner progress. This research is used to ensure that Duolingo is effective in helping users learn languages.

With this all being said, Duolingo has a great employer reputation as noted on Glassdoor. Check out what previous employees have to say about the company here.


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