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5 Web3 Jobs Listed Today

It's another day so that means more jobs!

Today, we are sharing 5 different jobs from a few different departments such as content, business development, and technical.

Let's dive in!

1. Nova Labs is seeking a Content Marketing Manager

Nova Labs, pioneers of the Helium Network and Helium Mobile, is on a mission to transform connectivity. Since 2013, they've been at the forefront of decentralizing the IoT and mobile sectors to foster a more interconnected world.

They're currently seeking a Content Marketing Manager, a role perfect for a creative and adept wordsmith passionate about devising engaging content and email campaigns that resonate with audiences and prompt action. This position involves crafting dynamic email marketing strategies, producing compelling digital content, segmenting audience lists for personalized campaigns, utilizing marketing automation for efficiency, and analyzing campaign performance for continuous optimization.

The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years of experience in content or email marketing, a flair for storytelling, adept project management skills, and excellent communication abilities. A BA/BS degree is required. Salary ranges from $85,000 to $144,000.

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2. Chainsafe is hiring a DevRel

ChainSafe is on the hunt for a Developer Relations professional for Sygma, a pioneering interoperability layer designed to enhance cross-blockchain applications. Sygma aims to facilitate seamless, ecosystem-agnostic user experiences, enabling developers to build sophisticated cross-chain applications effortlessly. The role involves engaging with the Discord community, participating in ecosystem events, and educating developers about web3 through Sygma.

Candidates should have experience in the software development cycle, emphasizing developer experience, education, and community engagement. Responsibilities include defining the Developer Success strategy for Sygma, managing developer documentation, and fostering community engagement. Applicants should be able to communicate technical concepts clearly and possess a solid understanding of ChainSafe's tech stack.

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3. Valora is seeking a Full Stack Engineer

By making blockchain and cryptocurrency accessible to anyone with a mobile device, Valora Inc aims to foster a world where prosperity is possible for all. Their main product, Valora, is a mobile financial app that leverages the Celo and Ethereum blockchain networks, embodying the company's commitment to breaking down financial barriers.

Valora Inc is seeking a Full Stack Engineer passionate about making an impact in the fintech space by working across various technological layers. The role involves designing and implementing features end-to-end, engaging in data-driven decision-making, and collaborating with Product and Marketing to launch user-centric functionalities. The ideal candidate brings at least four years of software engineering experience, with a strong inclination towards learning and skill development.

Familiarity with React Native, TypeScript, and experience in blockchain technology, particularly Solidity, are advantageous but not essential. Above all, a growth mindset and the ability to thrive in a globally distributed team are key.

This opportunity is for those excited to contribute to open-source projects, including Valora's codebase, and eager to evolve alongside the latest in mobile and blockchain technology.

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4. Fuel Labs

Fuel is seeking an Engineering Manager to work alongside the CTO, focusing on the Core teams which encompass Client, Sway, SDK, and Tooling. The ideal candidate would be a former developer or Engineering Manager with a rich background in Web3 and blockchain technologies. A strong passion for team development, a knack for smooth project delivery, and a history of enhancing team performance are essential. The role demands a candidate who can integrate into Fuel's distinct engineering culture, contributing to the growth and development of the team.

Key responsibilities include staffing and resource planning, providing feedback and fostering development, setting clear performance expectations, and overseeing career progression. Additionally, the role involves clarifying and tracking team plans, ensuring effective communication across the organization, and coordinating with other leaders to meet strategic objectives.

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5. IO Global is hiring a Executive Assistant

Midnight, a forward-thinking blockchain company focused on data protection, is seeking an Executive Assistant to support its Leadership Team.

Key responsibilities include executive support, meeting management, aiding in project work aligned with company strategy, and ensuring compliance with regulations and company policies. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in a similar remote support role, a background in project management, proficiency in Google Workspace, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work under pressure.

This UK-based position offers a flexible schedule, remote work, a laptop reimbursement, a new starter package for hardware essentials, opportunities for learning and development, competitive PTO, and a monthly health stipend for UK employees, among other benefits. Midnight is committed to diversity and inclusion, providing an equitable work environment for all.

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