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A Day At Work - Growth at Shardeum w/ Kelsey McGuire

Ever wondered what it'd be like working at a high growth startup in the web3 space, in a growth position? Kelsey Mcguire knows. As Chief Growth Officer at Shardeum, Kelsey knows what it's like to take a product and rally a community of product users and advocates around it. In this Q&A-style blog post, we dive into Kelsey's journey in the web3 space, explore what a day in her life at Shardeum looks like, and gain valuable insights into growth marketing in web3.

Let's dive in:

Exploring the Web3 and AI Space

Kelsey's journey began in early 2018 when she took her first virtual steps into web3. She joined ConsenSys, one of the more prominent businesses within web3, where her focus was on community strategy, branding, and marketing. "Let genuine passion and curiosity be your guide" she says, as she talks about forging a career path in web3. This pivotal experience paved the way for her to eventually venture into following roles at Celo and CoinFund, and now - Shardeum.

Shardeum is an EVM-based, linearly scalable smart contract platform that provides low gas fees forever while maintaining true decentralization and solid security through dynamic state sharding. Shardeum recently made news after raising a $5.4M round in fresh capital from Blockchain Ventures Hub, CryptoViet Ventures, Blue7, and others.

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A Day in the Life of Kelsey at Shardeum

Like most positions in web3, every day can look wildly different. "There is no rigid schedule for my days from start to finish which is something I really appreciate!"

Regardless, Kelsey's day typically kicks off with a thorough check of emails and scrolling through Telegram messages (we all know what that feels like catching up on Telegram!). From there, her work days can vary from deep-diving into marketing analytics to helping to set up events with event organizers.

"A big part of my role also involves brand and experience strategy, so I'm often in touch with partners, event organizers, and the Shardeum community to stay focused on what is next and how we can collaborate. I also stay updated on Web3 news, which helps shape our messaging and approach."

Tools of the Trade

What tools does Kelsey use to do her job? While there are a handful of marketing, analytics, and growth tools that can be used in a role related to growth - Kelsey's favorite tools to rely on are:

  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Google Suite

If you're interested in exploring other tools that are used In growth marketing roles, Kelsey briefly chats about It on The Crypto Coin Show:

The Journey to Becoming a Chief Growth Officer

Kelsey's journey to her current role at Shardeum was marked by transitions across different industries. However, she consistently focused on honing her marketing strategy and branding skills. This foundation turned out to be immensely valuable as it seamlessly translated into the emerging web3 industry.

From the fashion and beauty sectors, Kelsey transitioned into web3, initially joining ConsenSys. It was during her time at ConsenSys that she had the opportunity to attend web3 events around the world, solidifying her expertise in community engagement and strategic marketing. This expertise ultimately led her to Shardeum, where her role as Chief Growth Officer allows her to drive innovation in the space.

Navigating Salaries in Web3

For those looking to follow in Kelsey's footsteps, she encourages active participation in web3 communities, be it through contributions to Discord or Telegram channels or attending events when possible. Diving head-first into a community can be the best way to learn about the industry fast.

But what about salary expectations for growth positions? For those starting in the web3 field, salary expectations can vary. According to Kelsey, a typical salary range for someone entering a role similar to hers is between $95,000 and $150,000 USD. Keep in mind that the web3 industry is known for its potential for rapid growth, which can translate into exciting career advancements, bonuses, equity, tokens, and more.

Conclusion: Metaintro - Your Gateway to Web3 and AI Opportunities

As you embark on your journey into the dynamic world of web3 and AI, remember that the community is at its heart. Just as Kelsey emphasizes, "Be a part of the community." Authenticity, curiosity, and passion are your allies in this evolving landscape.

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