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Stress During The Job Search - Meet Foundation.co

Not enough people talk about what the job search process can do to your mental health. Applying to jobs day-in and day-out, lengthy interview processes, rejection... the process of finding a job is exhausting. Until now, as Foundation has just entered the group chat.


According to The Pew Research Center's 2021 report (yes, peak COVID, but we're now peak bear market), "seven-in--ten unemployed adults say, as a result of being unemployed, they have felt more stressed than usual, and 56% say they have experienced more emotional or mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression." AKA - you're not alone if you're feeling this way. In fact, according to LinkedIn, over 30% of the global workforce is actively looking for work.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Foundation's goal is to enable easy and meaningful access to quality therapists in seconds. By helping you find a therapist that truly understands you (especially during your career journey), they connect you to providers based on personality, communication style, career goals, and therapy experience. It's easy, affordable, and worth considering enrolling in if you're looking for additional support during your job search process.

Learn more about them here:


Finding a job is cool. But therapy is cooler. Find someone today to help you get through the job search process.

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