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Top Cities Expats Are Eyeing for Relocation in 2024

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  • Desirable Cities:London, Amsterdam, and Dubai top the list of desirable cities for expats in 2024.
  • Relocation Drivers:Economic opportunities, career advancement, and quality of life are key drivers for relocation.
  • Global Talent Mobility:The rise in global talent mobility highlights the increasing appeal of living and working abroad.

In a post-Covid world, the dream of living and working overseas is becoming more attainable for many professionals. According to the 2024 Decoding Global Talent Report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in collaboration with The Network and The Stepstone Group, one in four professionals globally is actively seeking jobs abroad. The report, based on responses from over 150,000 individuals across 188 countries, reveals a growing trend towards international mobility despite economic and geopolitical concerns.

Top 10 Destination Cities for Global Talent

The 2024 Decoding Global Talent Report identifies the top cities that attract global talent. These cities are preferred for their economic opportunities, career advancement prospects, and quality of life. Here are the top 10 most desirable cities for expats looking to relocate in 2024:

  1. London (9%)
  2. Amsterdam (8%)
  3. Dubai (7%)
  4. Abu Dhabi (7%)
  5. New York (6%)
  6. Berlin (5%)
  7. Singapore (5%)
  8. Barcelona (5%)
  9. Tokyo (5%)
  10. Sydney (4%)

London retains its position as the most attractive destination city, with 9% of survey respondents expressing a willingness to move there. Factors contributing to London's appeal include its status as a global financial hub, the widespread use of English, and its vibrant multicultural environment. The city's strong network of international talent and access to both European and U.S. markets also play significant roles.

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Key Drivers for Relocation

The report highlights three primary reasons why professionals are considering relocating abroad: economic opportunities, career advancement, and the potential for a better quality of life. These factors are crucial in attracting global talent to top destination cities.

Economic Opportunities: Cities like London, New York, and Dubai offer abundant financial and professional opportunities, making them attractive to expats looking for economic stability and growth.

Career Advancement: Many professionals relocate to advance their careers, seeking roles that offer greater responsibility, higher pay, and opportunities for professional development. Cities with thriving industries and multinational corporations provide such prospects.

Quality of Life: The quality of life in a new city is a significant consideration for expats. Factors such as safety, healthcare, education, and recreational facilities influence the decision to relocate. For instance, Singapore, ranked 7th, is favored for its high quality of life, safety, and stability.

The Role of Global Talent Mobility

The growing trend of global talent mobility is not only beneficial for employees but also for employers and national economies. According to a separate BCG report, companies with a diverse global workforce are more innovative and successful. They generate higher profits and are 75% more likely to be world-class innovators.

Employers and nations that tap into the positive energy of workers with mobile aspirations can gain a significant competitive advantage. As highlighted by the 2024 Decoding Global Talent Report, 92% of global employer leaders prioritize attracting and retaining talent. This focus underscores the importance of understanding and catering to the preferences of mobile workers.

Insights from the Asia-Pacific Region

In the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore emerged as the top destination, ranking 7th globally. The city-state attracts talent from nearby countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. Singapore's appeal lies in its robust job market, quality of life, and favorable economic conditions.

The report also lists other notable cities in the Asia-Pacific region that are preferred by global talent:

  • Tokyo (9th)
  • Sydney (10th)
  • Melbourne (14th)
  • Auckland (16th)
  • Bangkok (17th)
  • Beijing (25th)
  • Kuala Lumpur (26th)
  • Osaka (30th)

These cities offer a blend of economic opportunities, cultural experiences, and quality of life that attract expats from around the world.

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The 2024 Decoding Global Talent Report sheds light on the increasing mobility of global talent and the factors that drive professionals to relocate. As cities like London, Amsterdam, and Dubai continue to attract expats with their economic opportunities, career prospects, and quality of life, employers and nations must understand and leverage these trends to attract and retain top talent.

By fostering an environment that supports and values global talent, cities can enhance their appeal and drive economic growth and innovation. The ongoing trend of global mobility presents a unique opportunity for both employees and employers to thrive in an interconnected world.

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