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Which Web3 Company Has The Most Rizz?

Rizz just made the Oxford word of the year. Naturally, once the Metaintro team found this out, we immediately circled internally to ask, "which web3 company has the most rizz?".

But first, what does this word mean?

"Rizz is a colloquial word, defined as style, charm, or attractiveness" according to the Oxford University Press.

Here at metaintro, we believe these five web3 companies stand out:

1. Coinbase: The leading cryptocurrency exchange, known for its user-friendly platform and focus on building mainstream adoption of crypto. Despite their rocky year of layoffs and legal battles, Coinbase has made an effort to continuing to nurture the talent community.

In fact, they recently unveiled their initiatives for retaining top talent.

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They also made the layoff thanks to their latest promotional video that went viral across Twitter.

Interested in working for Coinbase? Checkout their open roles here.

2. OpenAI: The research lab behind the revolutionary ChatGPT language model, pushed the boundaries of artificial intelligence this past year. OpenAI ranked high on our list this year due to the record high salaries they offer their employees, plus the additional generous benefits that will make you go, 'dang - that sounds good'.

Interested in working for Sam? Checkout their roles here.

3. Rarible: A popular NFT marketplace, Rarible "empowers creators and collectors to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets". We see a lot of job descriptions posted in the web3 space and often times they're generic, lack transparency, or are uninspiring. Rarible made our list this year because of their job descriptions are always chefs kiss🀌.

Interested In working for Rarible? Checkout their openings here.

4. Nike's .SWOOSH: Nike's .Swoosh Is their take on digital collectibles from the Nike vault (aka NFTs). They're not actively hiring, but when they were, their perks and salaries were top notch.

In addition, whoever is creating their swag understood the assignment:

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5. Ava Labs: A high-performance blockchain platform known for its scalability and security, offering a robust platform for developers to build innovative decentralized applications.

Any company that has these types of opportunities....

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and these types of collabs...

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couldn't not make our rizz list.

These companies aren't just building at the forefront of web3; they also cultivate a vibrant, inclusive, and engaging work environment. They're single handedly attracting top talent by fostering a strong sense of community, offering unique perks and benefits, and prioritizing employee growth and development.

Who else should have been on this list?

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