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🫰 New Year, New Web3 Jobs

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Happy New Year to you! Sliding into your email inbox today to wish you a year full of professional growth, salary increases, and web3 exploration. But, before we dive into 2024, here's an inside look into what happened within the Metaintro community last year:

  • metaintro's community surpassed 500,000 members around the world.
  • Over 35,000 web3 jobs were listed by Metaintro.
  • 5 IRL job fairs were hosted (NFT NYC, Miami NFT Week, and more).
  • Thousands of individuals landed a job through Metaintro.

Now what? Our team magic elves have been working around the clock during the holiday season to bring a product to you that'll help you land a job in web3 10x faster. Expect to receive some fun updates to your email inbox this quarter.

Cheers to 2024 πŸš€

  • Lacey, CEO @ Metaintro
Fav Listing of the day πŸ‘‰

TirexLabs - Web3 Customer Support Manager

Fav Listing of the day πŸ‘‰

TirexLabs - Web3 Customer Support Rep

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