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β˜• Web3 Jobs - Community Mod/Mgmt Edition

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It's us - your favorite newsletter dedicated to web3 jobs. Speaking of... we're dedicating this edition of our newsletter to ALL openings related to community. But before we do, here are a few resources to help you land that dream role:

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🎯 Marketing & Community

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

  • Apple - Software Engineer: Validation of Crypto and Security IPs
  • Status - Software Engineer (React Native Library)
  • Hang - Backend Software Engineer
  • RabbitHole - Senior Data Engineer
  • Circle - Senior Software Engineer, Frontend
  • prePO - Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)
  • Okcoin - IT Support Engineer
  • Tenderly - Head of DevRel

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

  • RISC Zero - Operations Lead
  • Hang - Business Operations & Strategy
  • Nethermind - Global People Administrator
  • Xapo Bank - Head of Client Services
  • Nium - Client Lifecycle Program Manager, Crypto
  • Fidelity - Crypto Trading Product Owner - Squad Lead
  • Paxos - People/HR Business Partner
  • Immutable - Business Development Associate - Gaming

πŸŽ“ Internships

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What's Up, Web3?

Deutsche Bank completes trial of tokenized investment platform

The platform uses a unique, non-transferable Soulbound Tokens and MetaMask for asset security.

Bosch partners in $100-million Web3 development foundation

Bosch partners to establish Foundation, pledges $100 million in grants to drive Web3, AI and IoT product development.

SEC's Shadow Crypto Rule Taking Shape as Enforcement Cases Mount

The U.S. securities regulator has now issued dozens of actions outlining how it defines a crypto security and which firms should be exchanges, but the industry is in a holding pattern.


From Community Mods to Metaverse Devs: Your Ultimate Web3 Job Hunting Guide that will help you land a Web3 job faster

Listen to this episode from Recruiting(ish) on Spotify. Welcome to the latest episode of Recruiting(ish)! In this episode, we have some exciting news to share. Our team at Metaintro is embarking on a national web3 job tour, and we're starting with the IWB convention in Washington DC.

We'll be hosting job fairs at various events, including the Miami NFT event, and we can't wait to meet talented individuals interested in web3 jobs.

During this episode, we'll be answering questions from our community. We'll also be discussing some hot topics in the web3 job market, starting with how to land a competitive community mod job. We'll also be addressing what to do when there are limited job openings and how to expand your scope.

In addition, we'll be discussing the recent news that Napster is investing in web3 startups, and what this means for the industry. We'll also dive into the topic of how to get started as a copywriter in web3, even if you're just starting out and most companies are asking for multiple years of experience. We'll explore how to find entry-level positions and distinguish yourself from other copywriters.Finally, we'll talk about the tech stacks you need to know to start working as a metaverse developer. It's a fascinating topic that's sure to inspire our listeners.So tune in to Recruiting(ish) podcast for all the latest news and insights on web3 jobs, and don't forget to send in your questions for us to answer in the next episode!Guests:Alex Carter - Web3 Recruiter, Co-Host - @SatoshisCPALacey Kaelani, CEO of Metaintro - @laceykaelaniJob


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