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β˜• Web3 Jobs & Turning Down Job Offers

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Another wild week in crypto, right? Here are a few things that have happened over the past couple of days that are definitely worth highlighting:

Ready to dive into the web3 jobs that were just posted? Let's get to it πŸ‘‡

🎯 Marketing & Community

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

  • Consensys - Lead Golang Software Engineer
  • dYdX - iOS Engineer
  • Pilot - Sr. Security Engineer
  • Gala - Senior Software Engineer (Mobile)
  • Spruce - Software Engineer, Mobile
  • Tonic - Director of Engineering
  • Worldcoin - Lead Backend Engineer, Wallet
  • Kongregate - Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

  • Ava Labs - Growth Consultant, India
  • QuickNode - Strategic Customer Success Manager
  • Blockdaemon - Head of Customer Success
  • Fusion92 - Business Development Manager
  • Metabay - Influencer Manager
  • Spruce - Technical Product Manager: Credible
  • Securitize - Product Manager, Transfer Agent
  • Ava Labs - Technical Product Manager - Infrastructure

πŸŽ“ Internships

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What's Up, Web3?

Hermès Asks Court for Control Over MetaBirkin NFTs

The French luxury house has filed an order asking for control of the MetaBirkins smart contract, social media handles and royalties.

Yuga Labs' Bitcoin NFT Collection Fetches Top Bid of Nearly $160K

The company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club generated $16.5 million from its auction of 288 NFTs in its TwelveFold collection based on the Ordinals protocol.

WeChat integrates digital yuan into its payment platform

Chinese social media platform WeChat has incorporated the digital yuan in its payment app to boost the CBDC's popularity.

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