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🫰 Hey, Want a Job?

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Monday's mornings are reserved for coffee, Crypto Twitter, and browsing web3 jobs. We curated this list of new opportunities that were posted over the weekend, specially for you. But, before we dive in, here are some headlines that you might find interesting before you start your week:

  • Clearly, AI is changing the way we work and the type of job opportunities that are on the market. Here's what Forbes says about how AI will change the jobs of architects and engineers.
  • After the FTX fall out, a ton of executives in the web3 industry have run towards the exit doors. Why?

Enough of the headlines. Let's dive into the good stuff. ⬇️

🎯 Marketing & Community

🀝 Finance & BizDev

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πŸ’Ό Product/Project Management

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