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👋 happy monyay

You may have saw Pikachu trending on CT last week. We saw it too. But what does that mean? It means The Pokémon Company might be considering getting into the blockchain game.

The beloved company posted a job listing last week for a Corporate Development Principal who knows all about Web3, blockchain tech, NFTs, and the metaverse. While we don't know exactly what The Pokémon Company is planning, the job posting suggests they're looking to explore new innovations and partnerships.

Some folks think that Pokémon's concept would be perfect for NFT-based games or collectible digital assets. And while Pixelmon's $70 million NFT sale was a bit of a disaster, a new team is trying to salvage the project.

In other news, Nintendo's president has said they see "great potential" in the metaverse, but they're not in a rush to make games for it just yet. Meanwhile, Niantic, the developers of Pokémon Go, are creating a "real-world metaverse" of augmented reality games and have a platform for other companies to create NFT-driven experiences.

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💼 Business & Product

👩‍💻 Developer/Technical

  • Bit**so**- Senior Developer Engineer
  • Ge- Senior Software Engineer, Fraud
  • Paxos - Staff Software Engineer - Signing
  • Stellar - Partner Engineering
  • Pinata - Principal Software Engineer
  • Consensys - Senior QA Engineer
  • Brave - Search Engineer - Back End
  • Aztec - Developer Relations Engineer (Infrastructure + Decentralization)

🎯 Marketing & Community

🎓 Internships

  • Candy - UX Product/Design Internship - Summer 2023
  • Ledger - Product Marketing Intern - Transactional Services
  • Nethermind - Internship program 2023
  • EtherMail - Business Development Intern
  • Candy - Fraud Internship - Summer 2023
  • Trust Wallet - Social Content Design Intern
  • BerlinRosen - Gaming and Tech Public Relations Summer 2023 Internship
  • Gemini - Social Media Intern
  • Stellar - Policy and Government Relations Intern


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What's Up, Web3?

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