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β˜• Web3 Jobs - Design Edition

πŸ‘‹ hey frens

Interested in becoming a designer in web3? Then this edition was meant for YOU! Before diving into the job openings, here are five things you can do as a designer in Web3 to help your portfolio stand out:

  1. Publish your work on web3 sites: Even though these are generally meant for writing, you could use blockchain-based publishing platforms such as Mirror, Cent, and Ghost to publish your work This demonstrates your familiarity with Web3 tech.
  2. Create NFTs based on your designs: Consider putting your designs into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This shows your ability to create unique, valuable digital assets and your understanding of NFTs and their potential for designers.
  3. Collaborate with other Web3 projects: Look for Web3 projects that align with your design interests and see if there are opportunities to collaborate. This could be a great way of getting experience quickly on your resume.
  4. Attend Web3 events and conferences: Yes - this is a shameless shill to the web3 job fairs that we'll be hosting that'll give you the opportunity to network with recruiters directly. Check out the job fairs here.

Now, let's dive in πŸ‘‡

Design Jobs:

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

  • Consensys - Senior Backend Java Developer
  • Nike - Senior Full-Stack Engineer
  • Chainlink - Technical Program Manager, Core Services
  • Coinbase - Senior Software Engineer, Backend - Platforms
  • QuickNode - Senior Support Engineer
  • Bitso - Senior Java Engineer
  • Consensys - Systems Engineer (Transactions)
  • Consensys - Research Engineer - Arithmetization

🎯 Marketing & Community

πŸŽ“ Internships

  • Candy - UX Product/Design Internship - Summer 2023
  • Ledger - Product Marketing Intern - Transactional Services
  • Nethermind - Internship program 2023
  • EtherMail - Business Development Intern
  • Candy - Fraud Internship - Summer 2023
  • Trust Wallet - Social Content Design Intern
  • BerlinRosen - Gaming and Tech Public Relations Summer 2023 Internship
  • Gemini - Social Media Intern
  • Stellar - Policy and Government Relations Intern


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What's Up, Web3?

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IRS Seeks to Tax NFTs Like Other Collectibles

NFTs will be taxed like the underlying assets until final rules are agreed on how to treat digital proofs of ownership held in retirement accounts

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