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β˜• Web3 Jobs - Internship Edition

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It's us - Metaintro. If you're interested in landing an internship in web3, this special edition is meant for you. Here's what you need to know:

  • Metaintro is giving out TWO internships to the winners of this sprint.
  • The blockchain club at FIU is up to some cool things. Keep scrolling for more info.
  • Circle is looking for a web3 & gaming intern.

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πŸŽ“ Internships

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

  • Gala - Senior Systems Engineer
  • Prove - Staff Software Development Engineer in Test
  • TaxBit - Security Engineer, Cloud
  • Nethermind - Site Reliability Engineer
  • OKX - Java Engineer - Microservices
  • Hume - Senior Machine Learning Engineer
  • Hang - Principal Backend Software Engineer
  • Blockchains - Head of Software Architecture, AI/ML

🎯 Marketing & Community

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

  • sFOX - Client Services Specialist
  • Links - Director, BD & Partnerships
  • CoinFlip - Executive Assistant
  • Protocol Labs - Filecoin TLDR Externship Program
  • Dapper - Senior Product Manager, Core Wallet & Payments
  • Amazon - Product Manager - Web 3 Tech
  • Blockworks - Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Prove - Sales Director - West

Meet The FIU Blockchain Club ⛓️

The Blockchain Club at FIU, which holds over 300 members, is dedicated to helping more and more students every semester learn about web3. Pretty cool, right?!

But why are college students considering a path in web3? According to the club vice president Clifford Charles, "the community is unlike any other". He goes on to say, "From the eccentric characters to the hunger for innovation and change, it is a goldmine for those who have their eyes open to it. However, it is not just about having an interest but also having the necessary skills to operate in this environment, which is why the club offers coding classes and various networking/pitch events to get students the skills needed to thrive."

In addition to helping students learn about the industry through discussions and industry events, the club also encourages students to build their own web3 products through a strategic partnership with Shrimp Society. (P.S. - if you're an early staged investor reading this, expect a lot of innovative ideas to come out of this club!).

The FIU Blockchain Club has also seen success stories come out of their initiatives. Within just one year, the club has gone from saving up every dollar for a chance to attend Mining Disrupt to becoming an official partner of the conference, giving away tickets to students for FREE so they don't miss out on upcoming opportunities.

In conclusion, the Blockchain Club at FIU is paving the way for students to break into the field of web3. With their initiatives and partnerships, they are providing students with real opportunities to learn and grow.

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