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🫰 Marketing & AI Jobs in Web3

πŸ‘‹ Good Morning

It's Friday! Cheers to another successful week and more Web3 and AI opportunities.

Let's take a look at today's breakdown:

- Cere Networ**k** is hiring a PR/Content Manager
- TikTok is hiring a Research Scientist ($119K-$220K)
- **ElevenLabs raises $19M Series A** to progress audio AI software

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Let's jump in!

Our fav job listing today

Yield App is seeking a Digital Marketing Executive ($3K-$4K/month)

🎯 Marketing & Community

Hungri Games is hiring a Community Social Media Manager ($N/A)
zkSwap is hiring a Community Mod ($N/A)
Offchain Labs is hiring a Writer ($N/A)
Web3 Academy is looking for a Writer ($N/A)
Yield App is seeking a Digital Marketing Executive ($3K-$4K/month)
DeFi Battery is seeking an SEO Copywriter ($N/A)
P2P is hiring a Social Media Manager ($N/A)
Braavos is seeking a Senior Content Manager ($N/A)
Cere Network is hiring a PR/Content Manager ($N/A)
Warbler Labs is seeking a Content Marketing Manager ($N/A)
Offchain Labs is looking for a Partnership Manager ($N/A)

πŸŽ“ Internships

R2 is seeking a People Team Intern
Seedify is looking for a Business Analyst Intern
Mudrex is seeking a Business Strategy Intern

πŸ€– AI & ML

Shield AI is seeking a Engineering Manager ($154K-$209K)
Character AI is looking for a Senior Data Scientist ($N/A)
Relyance AI is seeking a Senior Software Engineer ($146K-$172K)
Meta is hiring a Product Designer - Generative AI ($155K-$222K)
TikTok is hiring a Research Scientist ($119K-$220K)
Snorkel AI is hiring a Senior Documentation Manager ($N/A)

Developer & Technical

Circle is hiring a Senior Software Engineer ($150K-$195K)
Blockchains is seeking a Senior DecSecOps Engineer ($N/A)
Ethereum Foundation is seeking a Developer Advocate ($N/A)
Status is seeking a Senior React Native UI Developer ($N/A)
L2Beat is hiring a Software Engineer ($N/A)
Chainlink is looking for a Senior Site Reliability Engineer ($N/A)
Fireblocks is hiring a Sales Engineer, Banking ($122K-$168K)
Austin Werner is looking for a Senior Frontend Developer - Web3/DAO (N/A)
R3 is looking for a Developer Evangelist ($N/A)
Terraform Labs is seeking a Smart Contract Developer ($N/A)
RISC Zero is hiring a Developer Relations ($80K-384K)

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

Kraken is hiring a Business Expansion Principal, Ecosystem Development ($N/A)
Anchorage Digital is seeking a Member of Talent, Corporate ($N/A)
Quiver is hiring a Head of Growth ($50K-$120K)
DappRadar is seeking a Lead Product Designer ($5K/month)
RichQuack is looking for a Business Developer ($6K-$12K)
Co:Create is seeking a Senior Product Designer ($144K-$176)
Gains Networks is looking for a Product Manager ($15K-$250K)
Cere Network is seeking a Technical Product Manager ($75K-$100K)
Agoric is hiring a Product Manager ($150K-$170K)

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