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πŸ‘‹ Good Morning

Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week. Why not keep the momentum going with some more Web3 jobs in your inbox?!

Let's take a look at today's breakdown:

- Coingecko is seeking a Crypto and Technical Analysis Writer
- Fuse Network is seeking a Community Lead

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Diving right in πŸ‘‡

Our fav job listing today

BIGA is seeking a Community Manager ($100K-$300K)

🎯 Marketing & Community

Gala Games is hiring a Community Manager - Entertainment ($N/A)

Coingecko is seeking a Crypto and Technical Analysis Writer ($N/A)

Fuse Network is seeking a Community Lead ($N/A)

Metaversal is hiring a Social Media Lead ($N/A)

BIGA is seeking a Community Manager ($100K-$300K)

Rosy Whale is looking for a Sales Account Manager ($N/A)

πŸŽ“ Internships

Chainbase is looking for a Growth Intern

Smart Contract Interns needed here

Orderly Network is seeking a Growth Intern

πŸ€– AI & ML

Meta is hiring a Product Design Prototyper ($133K-$183K)

Klaviyo is seeking a Engineering Manager ($N/A)

Live Ramp is hiring a Machine Learning Engineer Lead ($N/A)

Navan is looking for a Staff Software Engineer ($172K-$241K)

ETS is seeking a Director, AI Engineering ($N/A)

The Allen Institute is seeking a Research Scientist ($N/A)

Booz Allen is looking for a AI Engineer ($73K-$166K)

Developer & Technical

Oasis Protocol is seeking a Developer Relations Manager ($N/A)

Bunzz is seeking a Developer Advocate ($N/A)

Chainbase is seeking a Fullstack Engineer ($N/A)

Woo Network is seeking a DevOps Engineer ($N/A)

LayerZero is hiring a Smart Contract Engineer ($N/A)

Rosy Whale is hiring a CMO ($N/A)

Ripple is seeking a Staff Technical Program Manager ($N/A)

Genies is hiring a Senior Technical Recruiter ($150K-$200K)

Recruin is seeking a Web Developer ($40K-$80K)

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

Gala Games is seeking a Senior Brand Manager ($N/A)

Coinshift is hiring a Sr Product Marketing Manager ($N/A)

LayerZero is looking for a Project Manager ($N/A)

Chainbase is hiring a Product Manager ($N/A)

Galxe is seeking a Operations Manager ($N/A) is looking for a Business Development Manager ($N/A)

Figure is seeking a Servicing Operations Associate ($N/A)

Messari is hiring an Account Executive ($N/A) is looking for a Product Design Manager ($N/A)

Metaschool is hiring a Graphic Designer ($N/A)

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