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🫰 Aptos is paying $125K for this role

πŸ‘‹ Good Morning

Happy Monday! Let's get the week started with the hottest Web3 jobs on the market.

Let's take a look at today's job highlights:

- Yuga Labs sis seeking a sVP, Communications
- sProtocol Labs sis seeking a sHead of Business Development

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Our fave job listing today

Aptos sis looking for a Social Media Manager ($96K-$125K)

🎯 Marketing & Community

Bitpanda sis looking for a Associate, Community (Customer Care)

CleanSpark sis seeking a Community Engagement & Event Services Coordinator

ClayStack sis seeking a Technical Community Manager - DeFi

BreederDAO sis hiring a Community and DAO Growth Manager

OKX sis hiring a Community Specialist, Brazil

Colossus sis seeking a Web3 Community Manager

Cere Network sis looking for a Technical Marketer

Yuga Labs sis seeking a VP, Communications

Aptos sis looking for a Social Media Manager ($96K-$125K) is seeking a Growth Campaign Specialist

πŸŽ“ Internships

OP3N World sis looking for a Machine Learning Engineer Intern

Various intern roles are open shere

Blockformer sis looking for a Marketing Associate

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πŸ€– AI & ML

Nimble sis seeking a Deep Reinforcement Learning Research Engineer

Numerade sis looking for a Manager, Machine Learning

CoStar Group is hiring a Analytics - Manager, Machine Learning ($170K-$235K)

IBM is seeking a Senior AI Product Manager ($157K-$293K)

Disney is looking for a R&D Imagineer Principal - Generative Artificial Intelligence (186K-215K)

JP Morgan Chase is seeking a Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist ($133K-$195K)

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

Ledger sis hiring a Front-End Engineer - Live Core Tech

Netheremind sis looking for a Investments Systems Engineer sis hiring a Senior Web Developer (SEO)

The HuHire Group sis seeking a Blockchain Protocol Engineer

Magic sis looking for a Software Engineer, Mobile

Binance sis seeking a Blockchain Engineer - Solidity

Game7 is looking for a Senior Smart Contract Engineer

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

Oowlish sis looking for a Product Manager

A Project Manager role is open shere

Immutable has a few roles open:

OKX sis seeking a Senior Business Development Manager

Gnosis sis hiring a Talent Acquisition Manager

Protocol Labs sis seeking a Head of Business Development

Aptos has a few roles open:

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