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🫰 137K as a Product Marketing Manager

πŸ‘‹ Good Morning

Happy Friday! Ending the week with more Web3 jobs is never a bad idea right?

Let's take a look at today's job highlights:

- Circle is seeking a Product Marketing Manager ($105K-$137K)
- VaynerMedia is hiring a Copywriter ($53K-$75K)

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Let's dive in! πŸ‘‡

Our fav job listing today

Arbitrum is looking for a Marketing Lead

🎯 Marketing & Community

VaynerMedia is hiring a Copywriter ($53K-$75K)

Robinhood is looking of for a Product Marketing Manager, Crypto (up to $160K)

CoinMarketCap is seeking a Social Content Creator/Storyteller

Circle is seeking a Product Marketing Manager ($105K-$137K)

Arbitrum is looking for a Marketing Lead

IntelliPro is hiring a Web3 Growth Operations Manager

πŸŽ“ Internships

Social Media Interns are needed here

FXDX Exchange is seeking a Community Management Intern

Web3 Camp is looking for Event Marketing Interns

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πŸ€– AI & ML

SAP is hiring a AI Specialist

Samsung is seeking a Technical Product Manager- AI ($179K-$269K)

Nvidia is looking for a Developer Relations - Strategic AI ($176K-$333K)

Salesforce is seeking a Product Marketing Manager, AI Research ($131K-$180K)

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

Polygon Labs is seeking a Developer Relation Engineer

MoonPay is hiring Sr. Engineering Manager - Application Security is looking for a Application Support Engineer (Exchange)

Immunefi is looking for a Smart Contract Triager

Burnt is hiring a Smart Contract Developer

IO Global is seeking a DevX Engineer - Smart Contracts

Plexus is looking for a Founding Protocol Engineer

Botto is seeking a Frontend Developer

πŸ’Ό Business & Product

Arrakis Finance is seeking a Business Development Manager

Shakepay is seeking a Head of Operations

OKX is looking for a Global Head of Talent Development ($193K-$260K)

Woo Network is hiring a Listing BD

Improbable is seeking a Technical Program Manager - Metaverse is looking for a VP, Product Manager (App)

Protocol Labs is hiring a General Manager ($225K-$275K)

CoinTracker is seeking a Product Marketing Manager

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