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🫰 145K - Content Marketer

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Happy Friday! How was the job search this week? As always, feel free to hit that reply button on this email to let us know. We're here to help and we're rooting for you to land that next big role.

Before we dive into the jobs, here are some of our favorite opportunities that were just listed:


  • Figment is seeking a Content Marketing Manager


  • Figure is seeking a Servicing Operations Associate ($22/hour)

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Let's dive in! πŸ‘‡

Fav job listing today πŸ‘‰ Uniswap is looking for Content Marketer - Demand Generation ($130K-$145K)

🎯 Marketing & Community

Subspace is hiring a Chief Marketing Officer Ex Populus has a few roles open:

Figment is seeking a Content Marketing Manager

Blockovate has a few open roles:

🀝 Business Development

Chainalysis is seeking a Customer Success Manager

Shakepay is seeking a Head of Business Operations Gate IO has a few open roles:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developer/Technical

Hometopia is looking for a Game Developer ($75K-$125K) Aztec is hiring a Sr. Software Engineer Terra is seeking a Front End Engineer Snickerdoodle Labs is looking for a **Sr. Blockchain Engineer, Distributed Systems
** CoinFlip is looking for a Sr. iOS Developer Improbable has a few open roles:

Ex Populus has a few open roles:

Amber is hiring a Blockchain Developer (Algorithm)

πŸ€– AI & ML

Arch is looking for a Director, Gen AI ($148K-$201K)

Paro is seeking a Audit Manager

Runway is hiring a Engineering Manager, Machine Learning ($220K-$260K)

StubHub is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer - ML - Performance Optimization

πŸŽ“ Internships

DoorDash is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer Intern

Chainlink is seeking a Research Intern is looking for a Business Development-NFT Intern

Intel is seeking a Post Quantum Crypto Hardware Researcher Intern

a16z is looking for a Summer 2024 Research Intern, Crypto

πŸ’Ό Product/Project Management

Coinbase is looking for a Product Designer ($140K-$165K)

Valora is seeking a Product Manager

Custodia Bank is looking for a Platform Product Manager

Chainlink is seeking a Product Manager- Integrations

Trilitech has a few open roles:

LimitBreak is seeking a Lead Mobile Game Level Designer Improbable is looking for a Associate Technical Designer - Design, Metaverse

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