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Ready to land your dream web3 or AI job this week? We feel you. metaintro is here, again, delivering the freshest job picks

Gate.IO - Partnership Specialist

Public - Member Experience Specialist

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🎯 Marketing & Community

Blockovate - Performance Marketing Manager ($45K - $55K)

IO Global Media Relations Specialist

BreederDAO - Game Developer Lead - Partnership Specialist

Animoca Brands - Community Manager

Coinshift - Growth Lead

Kraken - Lifecycle Marketing Manager - Institutional

πŸŽ“ Internships

CoinGecko - Social Media Marketing Intern

🀝 Business Development

Polygon Labs - Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition (Europe)

B2C2 - Onboarding Associate

Binance - Business Operations (Remote, Asia)

Rairable - Technical Sales Lead

πŸ€– AI & ML

Zoom - AI Machine Learning Engineer - New Grad ($117K-$233K)

Runway - Member of Technical Staff, Engineering Acceleration Program ($180K-$260K)

OKX - AI Scientist/Engineer

Nvidia - Sr. Developer Relations Manager, Enterprise AI ($216K-$333K)

πŸ’Ό Product/Project Management - Sr. Product Manager, DeFi

Nansen - Group Product Manager

IO Global - General Manager - IO Infrastructure - Project Operations Support Specialist

Ripple - Project Manager - Metaco

Developer & Technical

Kraken - Director of Engineering - Core Backend ($179K - $269K)

Improbable- Full Stack Principal Software - Backend Services

CoinGecko - - Operations Associate

Polygon - - Senior Mobile Engineer

Ledger - - Front-End Engineer - Live Hub - - C++ Trading Platform Developer

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